Bancolombia, among the most sustainable banks in the world


For the fifth consecutive year, with a score of 92 out of 100, five more than in 2015, Bancolombia financial institution that provides support and strength to Banistmo, was ratified in the list of the companies that comprise the Index Global Sustainability Dow Jones , a global indicator that measures the sustainable performance of companies in economic, social and environmental issues.

Scores per dimension were 88 economic, environmental and social 96 95. In addition, the measurement noted that the entity has a percentile of 97, which means that their performance is better than 97% of the banks assessed. On this occasion the 193 entities evaluated, only 27 were included in the global index and Bancolombia remains the only Colombian bank and one of the four Latin American.

A total of 2,535 companies from 28 countries, in 59 sectors of the economy were invited to participate in the global index. In the group of banks, Westpac in Australia remained the leader with 95 points, which means that Bancolombia is three points from this position.

“This achievement has great significance for Bancolombia, because it means that our good practices have allowed themselves to be qualified us as one of the companies with the best performance in economic, social and environmental issues,” said Juan Carlos Mora, president of Bancolombia, adding that “This is not only to be part of a stock index, but how we generate value for the entire ecosystem of the bank, how we grow hand in hand with our groups of relationship and how we transform society by connecting people with the possibilities” .

“In Bancolombia we have not been quiet just knowing that we are doing things right, but we decided to have stronger and become one of the most sustainable banks in the world differentials,” concluded Juan Carlos Mora. He recalled that “the Dow Jones is a reference to the decisions of investors.”


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