US businessmen interested in investments in Panama Canal

business leaders and government officials from Texas, United States, will visit Panama to exchange on maritime and logistical issues, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIRE).

The delegation will be chaired by the deputy governor of the State Dan Patrick and composed of thirty Texans, and analyze investment opportunities offered by the Interoceanic Canal expansion, the source said.
Texas has nine ports oceangoing, located in the Gulf of Mexico, and is one of the US territories of increased trade with Panama.

Throttling the flow of trade in global routes linking North and South America and Asia it was removed with the opening of the new locks, so the experts predict a change in global production chains.

This could significantly transform production costs, investment decisions, relocation of production and commercial infrastructure, duration of design-production-consumption, business operation models and asset valuation cycle, said US economist K.C. Conway.

The major US sectors benefited from the elimination of bottlenecks in the transfer of large volumes of goods would be assembling automobiles, aircraft manufacturing, commodities, agricultural export and port facilities, according to the expert.

Currently the west coast of the nation gets about 75 percent of the containerized cargo, which is transported to its internal mainly by the railroad final destinations.

For the first time since World War II, the East Coast outpaced growth of container traffic from the West, and the country would be very costly to adapt its river for domestic transit PostPanamax roads, so the transisthmian Canal is a more profitable option, Conway said.


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