The Panama Canal provides $ 13.515.000 million in 102 years of operations


With thousand estimated $ 5 million for fiscal year 2016, the Panama Canal will have contributed $ 13.5150.000 million to the state  in 102 years of operations.
“This originally year would be 60 thousand million dollars, but it will be a thousand 5 million,” the administrator of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), Jorge Luis Quijano.

He explained that the reduction is partly due to the operation of the new locks started in June, not in April as planned, in addition to the budget of 2016 the economic impact of any trade negotiations with Canal workers are not included.

Between 2000 and 2016, Panamanian administration period, the ACP has brought the state $ 11 000 671 million.

If you include the thousand 600 million budgeted for 2017 in the amount of contributions, the State accumulated contributions will reach $ 13 billion 272 million.

This amount budgeted for fiscal year 2017, Quijano said “we have to work hard to get that figure, because it is a strong number.” “You have to go out and find customers and give good service to get it and that’s the plan we have,” he added.

The situation is difficult if one takes into account the reality of the regional economy and worldwide.

“When Chile, third country of greatest importance for the Canal, which was growing between 3% and 4%, and now only reaches 1.6%, it shows that we are hitting the economic situation,” Quijano added.

However, the maritime industry has had good acceptance of the Canal expansion project which began operation on June 26. Yesterday passed the ship neopanamax 104th.

But the economic situation is reflected in the amount of cargo carrying vessels. Although 44 feet draft permitted, vessels are only reaching 43 feet draft, because there is not enough global burden.

It exists also a reality in the amount of water that have Gatun and Alajuela lakes, major sources for Canal operations: 2016 was the year 16th in the 102 years of the Canal where the level is below the average.

The Panama Canal lakes provide water for more than 50% of consumption of the Panamanian population, besides supplying the liquid for the transit of vessels.


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