Panama evaluates comprehensive relations with Colombia

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After the failure of Colombia’s ruling by the World Trade Organization (WTO), on June 7, the Government of Panama set out to analyze ‘holistically the outlook for its relations with Colombia’, she reported Tuesday Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MICI) of Panama.

The Cabinet yesterday approved the bill by which Law 58 of December 12, 2002 is subrogated and retaliatory measures are restructured in case of discriminatory actions against Panama by other States as had advance Minister Augusto Arosemena La Estrella de Panama when asked about the trade dispute with Colombia.

With the introduction of this bill further it provides analysis and review of compliance with treaties, conventions and agreements ratified and in force.

The initiative -he namely the Ministry of Communication of the state incorporates ‘new definitions, scope, procedures and creating a list to distinguish countries or states’, which for various reasons engage in practices that discriminate or adversely affects the economic interests or trademarks of Panama.

The ‘List of States that discriminate against the Republic of Panama’ will be managed, published and updated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. However, by the MTI and the Foreign Ministry will determine those States which have to enter this list.

The measure of mixed tariffs on imports of textiles and footwear from Panama imposed by Colombia three years ago expired at the end of July. However, the neighboring country decided to extend the term of the tariff decree, flouting ordered by the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO.

The Government of Colombia, according to the statement argues MICI- that takes longer to dismantle the measure, although the Colombian Minister of Commerce, Maria Claudia Lacouture, said after the WTO ruling that his government would abide by the ruling.

Minister of MTI regretted that the South American country ‘insist on the use of legal resources to continue violating the WTO rules and continue using arguments that could not sustain during the procedure or before the Arbitration Panel, or before the Appellate Body WTO ‘.

Earlier, the Association of Users of the Colon Free Zone (AUZLC) ruled on the attitude of Colombia, considering that the country has ‘disrespected’ to Panama.

‘We are shocked and upset that no one has come to Panama to defend the honor of the country. Moreover, many of the problems that Panama is suffering from crime have as their origin Colombia ‘he said Usha Mayani, president of the AUZLC.

The business organization appointed a commission of notables of the Free Zone to deal with everything related to this trade dispute. ‘It seems to be the private company that will play out the defense of our country, and interests that touch our integrity’, topped Mayani.


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