Recommend strengthen cybersecurity in Panamanian banks

Cybersecurity experts recommended the banking and the Panamanian government entities implement robust policies update their Windows and Linux computers; standardize the procedure of new equipment (templates RDP, SSH and SSL); also perform monthly audits and develop an action plan to remedy situations of vulnerability.
This was explained today the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG) to review the contents of a workshop given in days gone by experts Angel Lopez Domenech, Jacobo avaricious and Arturo Beltran.

The report indicates that the three “shared a current view of vulnerabilities and shaped the most common risks in banking, as well as various mitigations that exist in the current market to remedy these risks, in addition to the procedures and protocols necessary to bring the banking sector to a quantum leap in computer security. ”

Deputy Administrator of AIG, engineer Luis Fasano, said the workshop taught by experts in audits and cyber security was intended to inform the representatives of the banking sector and CIO of the state, prevention of cyber attacks, security issues and technological risks that can affect the national and international banking.

Meanwhile, the national director of Architecture Technology of AIG, the engineer Anabel Broce, said the workshop sought to government entities and banks include in their security architectures and their layers, models of physical security (databases , links, networks and applications), avoiding vulnerabilities and risks that may affect proper operation.

AIG held a workshop: “Top 10 Security Problems and Technological Risks in the Banking and Government Entities of Panama” as part of its commitment to implement e-government.


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